Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chinese what?

So I was wandering around the grocery store, which is a fun activity for me except the part where I have to pay the cashier for all of the wonderful things that caught my eye.  Then… I came across some Chinese Sausage. Now to be honest it was the rich burgundy color that first caught my eye and caused me to detour over to the meat case. I picked up the package and read the ingredients…hmmm soy sauce, Chinese bbq sauce, garlic….I think we found a winner here! Of course I have no clue what to DO with it, how to cook it, what to make with it….but I will let these thoughts float around in my brain for awhile and see what rises to the surface.  I think I will make stir fried green beans with them at the very least. I have been experimenting with this recipe since my daughter’s boyfriend raved about the green beans at the local Chinese place up at their college.  They were seriously good. Garlic and soy sauce was obvious...maybe sesame oil, but there was something else…I just could not get it. Until last night, when I think I figured out the extra “something” I was missing. Oyster sauce! That addition was the clincher.  My two younger boys LOVED them. I also threw snow peas in with the green beans when I made it and that was a hit.  So now I am pondering these sausages…a simple stir fry? Maybe a sticky rice concoction? Grill it, steam it, broil it?  I could do a cross culture thing and throw it in with pasta or risotto…I am just not sure.  I think this will be tonights dinner so I need to get on it.  But then, as I write mind is formulating tasty looking images of crispy edged slices of sausage (maybe with some thin sliced chicken breast).  I see a golden bed of fried rice with veggies and maybe some egg? Okay now I am hungry.  This is my wacky process…although I love cookbooks and reading every recipe that I can get my hands on rarely actually follow a recipe….but that is another post!


  1. Added you to my blog and added to my FB page. Proud of you for doing whatever extra it is and following your dreams and desires! You go girl. VK

  2. Gee - I think we shop the same way!! I simmer the sausages to cooked then crisp the skin off at the last minute. Eat 'em just like a kielbasa (slice & eat), with sides. Have used a crock once for a pot luck - cooked, sliced and added with a sweet sauce. Not many know of them here in Western MA. But they're coming around. My son and I LOVE these sausages - taste like boneless ribs from your favorite take out. I was browsing for ideas for a dish for our annual family reunion's "sharing table" this coming Saturday (made up of some pretty darned good cooking Uncles). Thank you - I will grace the table with a crockpot of chinese sausage with long beans or snap peas - which (I am sure) will be both unfamiliar and un-duplicated!


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