Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kelly in a nut shell

My name is Kelly and I am a slightly off kilter, unorganized chaotic home cook.  I love to try new foods, exotic and ethnic flavors, nifty kitchen gadgets, and new restaurants.  I am blessed with an open-minded family who lets me experiment endlessly when it comes to food. They are used to the odd bangs and crashes emanating from our small galley kitchen when I am in there “creating”.  They are not surprised when I am halfway through cooking dinner and I still don’t have a clue what I am making. They don’t blink an eye at the Tasmanian Devil I turn into in the kitchen…covered in flour, apron askew, hair a mess, pots and pans everywhere.  They may look at me warily when they ask “What’s in this?” and I answer “try it I am sure you like it”, but they try it none the less.  They each went through times when they were fussy eaters…but they have long since given that up. To be fair, because they are such good sports about my oddities, I take no offense when they finish dinner and say “thanks for dinner, but you really don’t have to make that again.” I also try not to celebrate to much when they tell me dinner was delicious…this is due to the fact that I rarely remember what I actually put in it so recreating it exactly may be unrealistic. That is one flaw I am hoping this blog helps me cure…writing down recipes more often!  I hope you enjoy the blog and I hope you come back to try some of my recipes and comment on my misadventures!

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