Thursday, April 28, 2011

Becky's Diner - Waverly NY

Well I thought I would try my hand at a restaurant review…I have never done one so bear with me here folks.  I thought for my first review I would choose a small local diner that my family really enjoys going to. It is practically my husband’s second home. Just kidding….but not by much! 
Becky’s Diner in Waverly New York, is just what you want in a diner. A friendly place, where everyone knows someone and the home-cooking is terrific.   You can get breakfast all day and the rustic homespun charm of the place is wonderful.  You can get a table, booth or sit up at the counter….the food is fresh and hot –made to order- and the service is pretty darn fast considering how packed the place often is.  It is not unusual for people to share a table with strangers (or should I say friends they haven’t met yet) during the peak hours of the day.
Becky’s Diner opens very early and closes before dinnertime.  Although the menu leans heavy on breakfast items, they have a nice assortment of non-breakfast fare as well…. and a nice array of fresh pies and strawberry shortcake. They also feature a daily special or two to shake things up a bit.  The waitresses are friendly and quirky with the perfect amount of sass to make everyone smile!  They are also very good at remembering who likes what for the regulars, and there are a lot of those!  Becky’s Diner is jam packed with every age group and every economic group and then some. They are family friendly and don’t blink twice whether you walk in with 4 little ones or 8 grimy construction workers. 
Becky herself mans the kitchen and she slings some fantastic diner food.  Her burgers, omelets, wraps, and soups are terrific.  She serves generous portions and is willing to work with you so you get your meal just how you want it. 
Just a note that the daily special often sells out, so get there before the huge lunch crowd!  Come give Becky’s a try if you haven’t yet….and if it has been awhile, come back and have some delicious down home cooking soon!
Becky's Diner
310 Broad Street
Waverly, NY 14892-1326
(607) 565-7668


  1. Thank you so much! That was so nice to read, and I'm glad u enjoy all the little things that I love about our business and u really captured every part of it in a nut shell. Always so glad to serve u and ur family:)

  2. Only in small towns do you find places like this.. We've been in a hundred of them over the last 10 years and Becky's is by far the most outstanding...

  3. It is all true Becky...we love visiting! Willy-Wanna, I totally agree it is a really great relaxing yummy place. It just makes me smile!


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