Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bisquick...circa 1933

So I was digging through some old boxes last night, and I found some old cookbooks my grandmother had given me…not hardcover cookbooks, but the little ones that you get with your new blender or in the grocery checkout.  When I came across a REALLY old one and it made me smile looking through it so I thought I would share.
The cookbook is called ‘Betty Crocker’s  101 Bisquick  Creations’ and it was published in 1933 by General Mills (cost 25 cents). The creations were…and I quote…” made and served by well-known gracious hostesses, famous chefs, distinguished Epicures, and smart Luminaries of Movie-land”
Seriously who could NOT buy this amazing book?  This book marvels at Bisquicks ability to “make even the most inexperienced cook a wizard in the kitchen”…Bisquick is the surest way to make biscuits “all husbands will adore”. (Seriously don’t you love it? As soon as I get my scanner working I am posting some photos from this booklet!)
So I decided to share a recipe (I did not try this so you’re on your own to give it a whirl).  It is the recipe of The Countess deForceville. The booklet said the Countess is “full of charm, great taste and ingenuity that has made her the most interesting hostess in New York and is cosmopolitan in matters of cookery………..her philosophy is to please the palates of the men and you will have a successful dinner”. Here is her recipe exactly as written in the booklet…enjoy.
Hunt Club Sandwich
Make Bisquick dough and roll out very thin as for a pie crust.  Dot surface with 4 tbs butter fold so as to make 3 layers. Turn halfway round.  Roll out  ½ the dough to 1/8 inch to cover bottom of an oblong pan 12x9. Spread thickly with chicken and ham filling (to follow) Cover with remaining dough which has been rolled thin. Cut shapes in top crust to vent but leave in place.  Bake at 450 for 15 minutes
To 1 ½ cups cooked chicken, cut up and flaked; add ¾ cup cooked ham cut into ½ in pieces, add 4 tbl top milk(cream), 3 beaten egg yolks, and 2 hard cooked eggs chopped fine. Season with salt and pepper.  Spread in pastry as directed above.

I gotta say…I am curious..and since hard cooked eggs and ham are currently leftover from Easter and hanging out in my fridge, I may be forced to try this. Then I too, can be like the Countess…or maybe like Mrs Walter Paepcke(another contributor to the booklet) who is considered and “Active cook and does all of her own cooking for dinner parties”.   Imagine that!! 


  1. What a great throwback. My mother used to use a similar cookbook. I still use some of the recipes she taught me from it and my family loves. I will try this recipe and get back to you.

  2. Can't wait to hear how it turns out! I look forward to trying it myself.


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