Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did I mention it is raining?

It is 6:30 on Monday night…I have a boy at a track meet and one buried under an entire mountain of homework…I am so glad to be home from work (and secretly glad I could not make the Boy Scout meeting tonight because MAN am I tired and I want to go to bed EARLY) and feeling a little sad because the college kiddos headed back to school today and…. Oh yeah… it is raining….yesterday it rained…and the day before…before that it poured, and drizzled, and misted…it has been raining for so long I can’t even begin to remember what the sun looks like…or feels like.  I mean I know it is springtime and rain is part of that but come on now…seriously. I just feel soggy. I may even be molding.
The lawn is squishy and everything is chilly and damp. The tractors can’t get on the fields, the spring sports keep getting cancelled...there is MUD everywhere. I truly cannot tell that my husband’s pickup is actually white!  It is not the usual warm; rainy spring weather that smells like worms and earth and flowers…it is just wet….and cold….and mildewy.
All of this raining has me swinging between wanting to cook summer foods and ‘pretend’ the weather is better and wanting to cook warm comfort foods and crawl back inside until the sun shows itself.  I want to do some denial cooking like burgers on the grill, potato salad, corn and watermelon…but yet I want to make soup or stew and homemade biscuits.  I swing between wanting lemonade and cocoa.  I feel a bit like I have a split personality.   As I type this the news channel is telling me we are under a severe thunderstorm advisory until 10pm…well….that is just ducky isn’t it? 
Soooo, I think I will split the difference and make a ham and asparagus pot pie (gotta use up those Easter leftovers!) and make a nice summery salad (or maybe skip the salad and dive into summer with a mug of ice cream). Yeah…ice-cream is summery right? Oh Jeez, I think I need mental help. Or a vacation.  Or both.

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