Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Speed Cooking...a skill to be mastered with Quick Cheesy Chicken!

So tonight was another get home, throw something that resembles a dinner at the family and then run out of the house in literally less than an hour to head for tonight’s event….The Solo and Small Ensemble concert at the High School.  It is surprisingly cold and damp (don’t you just love snow flurries in April?) and I knew that everyone would want an actual HOT filling meal.  I was driving home at a loss as to what I could make that would be a good hot filling dinner with a 20 minute(tops) window of time to prep AND cook! We did need a little time to actually eat it too.
So this is what I came up with….which my two younger boys and my husband raved over and ate the WHOLE thing (with Jacob and Fred arguing over the last dribs and drabs) and it was so easy and so basic…who knew?
Quick Cheesy Chicken (okay so the name is not that inspired but I am really tired!)
Buttermilk biscuits (or pasta, or crescent rolls, or bread, or toast points…just something to pour the cheesy chicken sauce over)
1 can cream of chicken condensed soup
1 can golden mushroom condensed soup
1 ½ cup milk
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
2 large cans of chunk white chicken drained
3 tbl freeze dried onion (these are a wonderful quick pantry item)
Garlic powder and pepper to taste
Okay…now these directions are very complex ….throw all ingredients (except the biscuits) in a saucepan…heat until bubbling…pour over your biscuits (or whatever you decided you felt like, or had on hand)
That is it!  Seriously!  Now you could jazz it up with some salsa perhaps, or add some veggies like peas or corn…but we loved it as is. Everyone was full and happy and we were out the door and back to the school in record time!

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