Monday, May 2, 2011

Mozzarella Salad....or Caprese Salad

Insalata Caprese (salad in the style of Capri) is a simple Italian salad made of tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil...traditionally served as an antipasto. I however prefer it all tossed together as a side dish or is so summery and fresh! The fact that there are so few ingrediants means that the fresher and tastier they are the better your salad will be.  I serve this at parties and people tend to stand around the bowl and pick at it...all day. It is so funny to get rave reviews over something literally anyone on the planet could make.  If you can cut things up and throw them in a bowl you can do this...and make a great impression too. 

Mozzeralla (Caprese) Salad
8 oz fresh or buffalo mozzarella cut into bite sized pieces
3 tbs olive oil
12 oz grape or cherry tomatoes halved
1 cup chopped fresh basil
cracked black pepper
sea salt

Toss first 4 ingrediants in a bowl..season with salt and pepper to taste. Chill.

yes.....that is it.... seriously...I kid you not. So NOW what is your excuse?  This cooking thing is so easy.
Experiment if you want with a little garlic powder or oregano- whatever sounds good to what if it is not super traditional? It will be super good and that is what counts isn't it?

If you want to change it up and go a little UNtraditional then why not make a Grilled Caprese?
to do this, take the mozzarella in 1/4 slices and freeze 15 min. then brush with oil and grill frozen cheeze briefly - 1 or 2 minutes until warm then dice. Take whole tomatoes toss in 1 tbl oil and grill until skins start to burst...halve. then make salad as before. serve while warm

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