Sunday, May 29, 2011

No power- day 4!

Yes all we still have no power...I am going insane! It is hot and muggy and even though we are blessed to have a generator so we can flush our toilets, and keep our fridge cold, I am developing a permanent headache from the noise the thing makes! I had to pop on and tell you how dinner went last night. So two of the eight boys headed home before dinner so I still had six boys plus my husband and I to feed...oh, and we invited the neighbors to join us (the more the merrier and two of the boys were theirs so it all worked out!)  So this is what we did for dinner:
I peeled and sliced up apples and put them in a cake pan with cinnamon, agave nectar, butter, and a few chocolate chips and sealed it in foil and put that on the grill. In another pan I put diced red onion and diced bacon...also sealed with foil. Then I tried to figure out what meats to make...this wolf pack had been playing hard and needed their meat!  I still had ground I patted out some more hamburgers, I also had 1 pack of all beef hot dogs...that was a no brainer, and I also had a peppercorn marinated pork loin. Okay this will work! I head back out to the grill to stir my apples and see how the bacon was coming along.... bacon was crisping and onions were soft so I added a bag of frozen corn,a can of rinsed and drained black beans and a few tablespoons of fresh salsa stirred it all up and put the foil back on. Next I checked the apples which were nice and soft so I took  a couple of refrigerator biscuits  and rolled them out and laid them on top sprinkled with cinnamon, brown sugar, and chopped pecans.  sealed it up again and popped it back on the grill.  So I had my side dish going and a dessert for the kids...but I needed an adult I halved some fresh pears and in a pan I put fruit juice, brown sugar and cinnamon...laid the pears cut side down and set them on the grill to poach. When the neighbors arrived they brought seasoned thin sliced potatoes wrapped in foil(with an ice cube or two for steam) and some fruit salad to add to our buffet. By now the apple dessert was done, the corn and beans were done and I finished that with the juice from 1 whole lime. The meat was cooking away with the potatoes and the pears were still poaching(I did have to add juice several times to the pears so they would poach and not burn) Soon dinner was served and it was all delicious.  When it was time for the pears I simmered some heavy cream and dark chocolate and made a sauce for the pears.  All in all it was a terrific impromptu dinner buffet...Now lets see what happens four....sigh.

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