Saturday, May 28, 2011

So we have no power

There has been much talk and many prayers said the past month or two due to the ferocious weather that our Great Nation has been having. Floods and Tornados seem to be dominating the weather reports from one end of the country to the other, with a few scattered spots of severe drought thrown in for good measure. The deadly storms have wrecked havoc, ruined lives and livelihoods and our prayers flow out to all those who find themselves in need.

 Our own area has been hit the last several nights with severe thunderstorms(resulting in flooding) with hail and even a few tornados.   We are currently on day 3 of no power and there is no set time for it to come back on since our nightly storms undo the daily repairs. Cooking is quite the challenge...but it prompted me to get the grill out and get that going...which seriously it was about time anyway.  I will admit that I am not a proficient griller. I do OK...especially with veggies and such but I don't excel at it and this makes me grumpy. I am better over a campfire with a dutch oven then a gas grill.  We all have our faults I guess. :-)

So all of the "hill boys"(my sons, nephews, and several neighbor boys ages 13-19) are at the house is a regular testosterone field day over here. They are prowling around like a pack of young wolves, eating, wrestling, boxing, sword fighting, playing ball, target shooting...and with all of the heavy rain,s they are doing all of this covered in mud and grass stains. It is wonderful. I had planned on baking up a storm for all of these boys, but instead we scarfed up watermelon, apples, hamburgers, hot dogs and gallons of lemonade. They are having a blast.  I am currently pondering dinner...I am thinking a pork loin on the grill with a salad. Trying to think up a "grill friendly" dessert. I will let you know what happens with that!!  Well all the small charge left on the laptop is almost used I will sign off until our power is back on....someday soon I hope!

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