Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love Aprons

I don't care if people think it is old fashioned...I love aprons! I seriously am always wearing an apron around the house. I have those sturdy, unflattering, workhorse type aprons. They are beat to heck...spattered with paint, stained, torn...but I love them. I once had a cute Minnie Mouse apron that I loved. My husband bought it for me as a surprise when we were in Disney world. I wore it to death...literally. Poor old apron.  Now, like I said I have my 'working apron' (actually about 5 but none in very good shape lol)...but I think I would like to get something cute and sassy...a stylish apron I could change into before company arrived you know? I saw some adorable ones online...and oh boy was I tempted! Some girls want furs or diamonds...I want an apron (or a cookbook)....I know I know....but I really do.  I have yet to buy one because my brain says I should be practical and not spend twice as much on an apron you would wear half as often.  I mean that makes sense right? I am being a responsible adult right?  But GOSH are these aprons cute or what??  Well maybe I will put one or two on my Christmas list and then it will be a GIFT and not an irrational splurge....right?                

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