Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The fun you can have with a can of Cresent Rolls!

So when you are bored what do YOU do?  I mess around with recipes, or search the internet or books for ideas.   Thats normal right? Well the other day I was thinking of what to write about here at Chaotic Cook...and I thought about last minute guests.  Don't we all like to look like we have it all together even though we usually don't? When you have an unexpected household full of kids, or a few guests who dropped by for a cup of coffee, or the church ladies pop in, or coworkers stop in, or  whatever....wouldn't it be great if you could always whip up some tasty little treat in a matter of literally minutes. Something hot from the oven. Homemade (kinda)?  If you like to seem 'always prepared' in this way then here is what I recommend...keep a good supply of canned cresent rolls in your fridge!  You can do a thousand things with these little beauties.  I will give you 10 great ideas(not including wrapping them around mini hot dogs lol)  but feel free to take the ball and run with it!
All of these recipes will have you seperate the cresent rolls into the triangle along the perferations. Then you will wrap them around assorted fillings  the same way you would if you where making plain rolls.

Idea #1
take a large marshmallow  dip it in melted butter, roll in a cinnamon and sugar mixture and then wrap it inside a cresent roll.   the marshmallow will 'disappear' and you will have a sticky bun type treat
Idea #2
1 heaping teaspoon of cream cheese, diced jarred jalapeno pepper and some crispy bacon!
Idea #3
Slice granny smith apples dipped in melted butter and cinnamon/sugar mixture
Idea #4
mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham crackers crumbs sprinkled over.
Idea #5
Sliced asparagus, diced ham and diced swiss
Idea #6
fulled cooked chicken tender dipped in a mixture of butter and hot sauce, top with provolone
Idea #7
a healthy spoonful of Nutella and peanut butter
Idea #8
mix 4oz cream cheese, 1 egg, 1 cup confectioners sugar, 1 tea vanilla...but a healthy spoonful onto roll and top with strawberry jam
Idea #9
pulled bbq pork or beef...maybe some sharp cheese too
Idea #10
spread with tomato sauce, a cube of mozzerella, and a slice of pepperoni

There....now what ideas do you want to share???

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