Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hot Mulled Cider

This is the perfect Autumn beverage....and even more perfect when the snow starts flying...  Hot, sweet, spiced...well duh, that is what mulled means! The dictionary says...and I quote..."to MULL: to heat, sweeten, and flavor with spices for drinking, as with ale or wine."   But hey why not mull cider too?
The best part (okay the best part BESIDES the taste)  is that it is sooooo easy. You can make a huge batch right in your crock pot.  You can make a plain old cider version, or you can make an adult version by adding some alcohol.
This is a perfect party beverage since the crock pot keeps it hot all night!  I often do 2 crockpots ...1 with cider, 1 with cocoa (white chocolate, or mint, or whatever type of cocoa sounds delish at the time!)
Or what about a long lazy cold snowy Sunday...put this on in the morning and enjoy ALL day.

Hot Mulled Cider
1 gallon of apple cider
2 tea allspice (whole)
3 tea cloves (whole)
4 cinnamon sticks
1 whole star anise
1 coin sized slice of ginger
1 orange unpeeled - sliced thin
1 orange squeezed for juice
1/2 cup brown sugar

cheesecloth / twine

wrap all of the spices securely in cheescloth tie with twine and lay in large crock pot. Pour in cider,and juice of 1 orange. float orange slices on top. Cover ...serve when nice and hot.

For adult version:  add a shot of spiced rum or brandy to each glass before serving.

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