Friday, December 30, 2011

So I went to the giant Wegmans grocery store and...

Well to be brutally honest I have these mini nirvana experiences when I am in Ithaca, NY and I get to stop at Wegmans for groceries.  We have nothing close to this magical place in our town. Half the time I could cry that we don't and the other half of the time I am so thankful that I can't easily blow the kids braces money or college tuition on exotic fruits, veggies, spices and cheeses. 

Seriously...its a sickness. I walk through the doors and I want kidding... I mean everything!

 Produce...sigh...fruits and veggies galore...odd ball or exotic items that our small town stores have never heard of let alone stock. Don't even get me started on the cheese! I swear I buy things that I have no clue what to DO with just because I have never heard of or seen it before.
Then there are those Food Network shows like Chopped for example that has crazy ingredients that are so bizarre or that don't go together in a basket and contestants have a limited time to create a dish using them all....that show is great! However you watch it and hear and see these strange ingredients and your brain stores them away...until you walk into Wegmans and actually SEE that strange item and you MUST buy it!  I have discovered some delicious things this way...Have you ever eaten Torbot? Its a fish (yes it was in a Chopped basket...shut up) Wow is it super good! Who knew?

Everything is so fresh there that it makes me want to try things that I may have shied away from from a preconceived notion that it would be hard to make or taste yucky. It was at Wegmans I bought my first brussel sprouts, my first sunchokes, my first celery root.  As you know I am a big believer in NO FEAR in the kitchen...but even I look at some ingredients and think it looks too odd or I believe the hype and am afraid to try it and see. So this is why I love this breaks down the fear barrier and the curiosity barrier and lets me experience new and joyful things in my cooking life!


  1. I so understand where you are.... LOVE that place and all its foods!!!


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