Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chinese what?

So I was wandering around the grocery store, which is a fun activity for me except the part where I have to pay the cashier for all of the wonderful things that caught my eye.  Then… I came across some Chinese Sausage. Now to be honest it was the rich burgundy color that first caught my eye and caused me to detour over to the meat case. I picked up the package and read the ingredients…hmmm soy sauce, Chinese bbq sauce, garlic….I think we found a winner here! Of course I have no clue what to DO with it, how to cook it, what to make with it….but I will let these thoughts float around in my brain for awhile and see what rises to the surface.  I think I will make stir fried green beans with them at the very least. I have been experimenting with this recipe since my daughter’s boyfriend raved about the green beans at the local Chinese place up at their college.  They were seriously good. Garlic and soy sauce was obvious...maybe sesame oil, but there was something else…I just could not get it. Until last night, when I think I figured out the extra “something” I was missing. Oyster sauce! That addition was the clincher.  My two younger boys LOVED them. I also threw snow peas in with the green beans when I made it and that was a hit.  So now I am pondering these sausages…a simple stir fry? Maybe a sticky rice concoction? Grill it, steam it, broil it?  I could do a cross culture thing and throw it in with pasta or risotto…I am just not sure.  I think this will be tonights dinner so I need to get on it.  But then, as I write mind is formulating tasty looking images of crispy edged slices of sausage (maybe with some thin sliced chicken breast).  I see a golden bed of fried rice with veggies and maybe some egg? Okay now I am hungry.  This is my wacky process…although I love cookbooks and reading every recipe that I can get my hands on rarely actually follow a recipe….but that is another post!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why am I here?

 So, you ask…why would anyone with an already too hectic schedule take on writing a blog?  Well I thought for my very first entry I would try to explain, just a little, about me and the reason I am jumping full throttle into this food blog.
 First, I am a 40+ year old wife and mother of four. We are a VERY busy family, especially since we are all “joiners”. From Sports, to theater, to music, to scouts…well the list goes on and on!  So, on a daily basis I am juggling 6 separate schedules in my head and trying to figure out how everyone is going to get to where they need to be on time, with food in their bellies and the proper accessories for said activity with them. I am also, I admit, naturally chaotic. I am not very organized (at least not the way MOST people are organized).  My thoughts and actions flit from here to there and I am easily sidetracked. At the end of the day I usually do get everybody where they need to be, and except for housework, everything gets done. 
     I started this blog, because not too long ago, while I was waiting for one kid or another to finish up one activity or another I realized that I was 40 years old and I was not pursuing anything that I was passionate about.  I had a job, and it was a good, steady job, but it did not excite me at all. I always loved writing and had often fantasized about writing a book or becoming published in some form.  I had in the last year or so considered, way back in the dark dusty corners of my brain, combining my two great passions…food and writing…and maybe writing a cookbook. Life however was way too busy and that thought just sat there, getting dustier and dustier. Lately though, I have pulled that thought out into the sun and dusted it off and really looked at it.  I started doing some poking around online, in bookstores, and in a variety of magazines and newspapers and discovered that this passion-combo of mine had a name…Food Writing. I began to consider using a blog as a creative outlet for me to explore this rediscovered idea.  So, before I shoved it back into its corner, I decided to seize the day and start to write. I am going to try to write often, hone this long stagnate skill.  Since, as friends and family will attest, I am beyond passionate about all things food related (I mean ALL things: from cooking, to shopping, to reading about, to developing recipes, to talking about, to obsessing over all things food) I figured this was what I would write about…and see what happens!   Welcome to my blog!

Kelly in a nut shell

My name is Kelly and I am a slightly off kilter, unorganized chaotic home cook.  I love to try new foods, exotic and ethnic flavors, nifty kitchen gadgets, and new restaurants.  I am blessed with an open-minded family who lets me experiment endlessly when it comes to food. They are used to the odd bangs and crashes emanating from our small galley kitchen when I am in there “creating”.  They are not surprised when I am halfway through cooking dinner and I still don’t have a clue what I am making. They don’t blink an eye at the Tasmanian Devil I turn into in the kitchen…covered in flour, apron askew, hair a mess, pots and pans everywhere.  They may look at me warily when they ask “What’s in this?” and I answer “try it I am sure you like it”, but they try it none the less.  They each went through times when they were fussy eaters…but they have long since given that up. To be fair, because they are such good sports about my oddities, I take no offense when they finish dinner and say “thanks for dinner, but you really don’t have to make that again.” I also try not to celebrate to much when they tell me dinner was delicious…this is due to the fact that I rarely remember what I actually put in it so recreating it exactly may be unrealistic. That is one flaw I am hoping this blog helps me cure…writing down recipes more often!  I hope you enjoy the blog and I hope you come back to try some of my recipes and comment on my misadventures!