Thursday, January 5, 2012

The latest in Random things

So here, once again, is a list of a few random and odd things that I have been obssessed with in the last few months:
sabra roasted garlic hummus, my apron collection, tart recipes, pepperidge farms sesame sticks and baked naturals, electric tea pot, goat cheese, meyer lemon, foodgawker, pintertest, McDonald's pepperment cocoa, peppermint tea, cardamom, rold gold peppermint dipped pretzels, mulled cider, smoothies, and kozy shack rice pudding snack packs. 

Not very inspired...but hey, I can't help the way my obessions swing.


  1. Okay - so what is foodgawker???? ~VK

  2. Its like pinterest but with only food!


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