Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rubber Band Wars and other ways to Celebrate St Patrick's day

We have four children - one girl and three boys- so my husband and I are always outnumbered.  Our neighbors also have four children -one girl and three boys- they too are outnumbered. So whether it was insanity or sheer genius that led us to join forces, we did just that...we became friends.  The results have been memorable...and very interesting.  Like the first time we decided to go camping together. My brother, who at the time had no children, looked me in the eye and said with disbelief "Two tents with twelve people, eight kids...six of whom are boys?? Have you gone mental??"  We had actually...but we had fun!

There was a time, several years back, when we decided we all need to celebrate our 'Irishness' together and have a St Patrick's Day Dinner.  We went all out.  We got completely into the "wearing of the green". This included green/white/orange hair coloring and shamrock temporary tattoos!
We made a completely authentic, traditional meal.  We ate until we were ready bust the seams out of our pants.  Shortly after dinner our wayward boys and men (soon to be followed (and not outdone) by the girls and women) broke out in a full blown-no-holds-barred rubber band war.  Rubber bands flew.  People were rolling and diving over and behind couches and chairs. Couch cushion shields were brandished and war cries were heard.  Hostages were taken and rescued, hundreds of rubber bands were sacrificed to the cause.  Teams shifted - family against family, boys against girls, parents against kids- we really had an amazing memory making good time. We also proved that growing up is over-rated and that being 'mental' is not such a bad thing at all!

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