Sunday, May 27, 2012


It has been such a super busy few weeks..I am seriously barely functional. BUT today or Monday I plan on trying a few experiments in the kitchen...if they work will be the first (well second..the kids have to taste the experiments - it is in their job description!) to know!
Look for a new recipe or two in the next few days....a new HEALTHY recipe even. Hey you never know!
Here is a glimpse at WHY I am exhausted and why the last
few weeks have been so busy:

College Graduation
BS in Special Education, BS in Elementary Education, and a BS in Early Childhood..PLUS Kapa Delta PI Education HONOR society and Cum Laude...PLUS Deans List!!!

Touring colleges with child #3!!!

SPORTS Middle School
Meeting KATRINA (oldest son's girlfriend)

PLUS Concerts, Sectionals for sports, more concerts, Music Festival...etc etc etc  whew!

At the Music Festival
National Honor Society Induction My niece Emily and my son Jacob

Music fest (son Jacob, nieces Rach and Abby..Emily was also here just not in the photo)

Noah (tall guy in the purple) singing in his spring concert.
Middle school prom -Noah, Rebehka,Anna and Austin


  1. such a precious and sentimental can cook later!

  2. Honey - you've been up memories to feed more than their bodies. You've been feeding souls. I love you and lift you up more than you will ever know.

  3. Honey, you have been cooking. You've been cooking up a batch of memories to feed their souls. I love you and lift you up more than you will ever know.


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