Monday, June 18, 2012

Caprese Bites

Okay so lets be honest..this is not really a recipe. I mean it looks way more impressive than the skill actually required to make it.  It is however a simple, easy, delicious appetizer that is perfect for a picnic or BBQ. It is like a Caprese salad all in one bite! There are no amounts just make as many as you need....simple. These are great not only for a party or an appetizer, but for a healthy snack.

Caprese Bites

cherry tomatoes - hollowed out...remove all of the pulpy seeds
soft fresh mozzerella - I used Ciliegine (which is simply small cherry sized balls of mozzerella) but you can use 1 large ball and cut the pieces to fit inside the tomatoes
 Fresh basil leaves
olive oil
 splash of balsamic vinegar (optional)
salt and pepper

Core or hollow out the tomatoes. Stuff a Basil leaf into the hollow, then tuck a Ciliegine or a piece of soft fresh mozzerella ontop of the leaf. season with salt and pepper to taste. top with a tiny drizzle with olive oil...or with olive oil and vinegar mix.

Good Gracious my fingernails need repainting!

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