Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grilled Chicken with Brie and Raspberry

Miss me?  I know I have been missing in action...finishing the book, performing in a play, new job...well my blog slipped away from me for a bit. I am so sorry everyone!

I made this dish a few nights ago when my daughter came home raving over a meal she had when she was out with her fellow bridesmaids and the bride-to-be at a pre-wedding beauty session!  She tried to describe her meal and I must say I was intrigued.  So I decided to take the same flavors she described and make my own version.  It was really tasty, but I would use apricot or peaches rather than raspberries next time because I personally prefer those flavors with Brie. My sons devoured all the whole pan of chicken so I think they felt the raspberry was just fine!

Grilled Chicken with Brie and Raspberry

Boneless skinless chicken breast cutlets (2 cutlets per person)
salt & pepper
olive oil

brie ( a 1/4 inch thick slice per cutlet) rind removed

1 cup defrosted frozen raspberries (if you hate the seeds either crush and strain or use seedless raspberry jam)
3 tbl balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup chicken stock
1 tbl honey
1 - 2 tbl cornstarch

In a sauce pan bring raspberries and chicken stock to simmer. Add balsamic, honey and cornstarch...whisk well and simmer until thickened
season the cutlets with salt and pepper. Drizzle well with olive oil. Either grill or saute in a hot pan until no longer pink inside.
remove chicken to a cookie sheet and top with brie. Melt brie carefully under the broiler until.  Serve topped with sauce. 

serve on a crusty roll with greens as a sandwich (my boys went this direction) or on a plate with a nice salad (me!)

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