Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Mama's Weeknight Pizza

My Mother makes this pizza at least once a week.  My Dad loves it…and so do the my kids when they are visiting.  My Mother is not one to measure anything so this is a “to taste” recipe. Play with it until you love it!  Dad likes his pepperoni...but at our house anything goes when it comes to pizza!

My Mama’s Weeknight Pizza
preheat oven to 475  - use a pizza stone for best results
Put a bit of fine flour or cornmeal on a wooden pizza paddle.  Spread your favorite dough  into a thin circle using your hands to make your crust.
Put a small amount of sauce on the crust and spread around evenly.
Next, grate some provolone ( i use imported its stronger) all over the sauce.
Then grate some locetteli(pecorino romano) all over the provolone.
Now, if you want pepperoni or other toppings add then now covering the cheese.
Next cover your toppings with a generous layer of mozzarella cheese.
liberally sprinkle oregano over the mozzerella and a little bit more locettelli
slide from paddle onto very hot stone
cook about 10/12 minutes
let sit 5 minutes before cutting

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