Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shame? What's that?

So here is a perfectly shameless plug for not only myself, but for others who have helped along the way and who do great things!

Interested in the cookbook 'CRACKed Pots in the Kitchen'?  You can get yours by clicking HERE!  Would you rather the Kindle version? Click HERE!
Keep an eye out for my first SOLO book (this winter) will have a ton of authentic/traditional and family recipes from Ireland and Italy~

My dear dear friend and co-author has a wonderful blog and you should definately visit her there.
Say hi to Lavetta at The Cherry Bowl Slightly Twisted ,
Or you can pop over to the High Plains Observer where Lavetta has a food column (and I get to be guest chef now and then!!!)  Click here to visit this great column NOT ENOUGH SALT.

ALso did you know I was on facebook?
A Chaotic Cook  ......why not stop by and LIKE me??  (wow that sounds a bit sad...but I am ok with that.....especially if you DO stop by and like me LOL)


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