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Come on in and Meet the Family!

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My name is Kelly and I am a 40+ year old wife and mother of four.  Okay that said, I am a slightly insane, over the top crazy woman. I am perpetually unorganized and chaotic and my attention is easily diverted. Of course, now that I am writing a daily Blog you will soon find that out for yourselves.  You will also discover that I enjoy the use of exclamation points and what I call the “3 dot transition”…see what I mean?  Anyway...back to telling you a little bit about me.
I was born in The Bronx (New York, New York) where my mother was a homemaker and my father was a NYC firefighter. I was still a wee babe when my parents moved a few hours out of the city to a small town called Westbrookville…this is where I spent my elementary school years…and then, one day, when I was in 6th grade my parents (from NYC remember) decided to move way out in the boonies and buy a small farm in Upstate NY! Fast forward (oh don’t worry the stories of the city folk invading the country will no doubt be fodder for future blog posts) to my young adult life. I married my first (and only) boyfriend and it was the best decision I have ever made. We were married when I was 19 and he was 21 (now I have children those ages!! Yikes!)  He was a dairy farmer and we moved (well he only had to move next door I had to travel…a whole 7 miles) into his grandparents old farmhouse. We were very young, and very happy (now we are not so young but still very happy). He worked the farm and I helped out here and there or just pestered him by tagging along. A year later we had our first child…a beautiful baby girl.  Then life took off at the speed of light and here I am 22 years later with two kids in college, one in high school and one in middle school, I started working full time, our dairy farm burned down and our lives have taken some drastic, unplanned, scary, life-altering turns over the last few years.  So, I decided I wanted to do something fun, something for me. So here is my blog.
My Husband:
Fred, he is the love of my life and my very best friend in the world.  He makes me laugh every day and he tastes everything I cook…which is pretty awesome of him.  He likes to harass me…he is always yelling out “Kelly’s in the kitchen!!” every time I drop something or spill something or burn something (which sadly is often….especially the dropping and spilling part).  He loves me despite (or because of?) all of my oddities and imperfections and I know the only thing he would ever change about me is he would wave a magic wand and make me love (and be good at) cleaning house. I say to him regularly “you knew I was a spazzy, chaotic mess when you married me…and you did it anyway”.   Beside he benefits from my passion for food, so he doesn’t have it all that bad.

My Kids:
I cannot find words to express how completely and utterly proud I am of my children.  I know a mother is biased when it comes to her kids but I am really serious….they are perfect (odd, wacky, crazy, brilliant, talented, bright, clever, sassy, silly, amazing) children.  I have one daughter, Sarah, who is 21 and is just finishing her Senior year in college (Dean’s list!)  Triple certifying in Special Education, Early Childhood, and Elementary Education.  I also have 3 sons; Matthew, Jacob and Noah.  Matthew is 20 and a sophomore in college. He is studying psychology and criminology (also Dean’s List).  Jacob is 17, and a junior in High school and Noah is 14 and in the 8th grade (both on Honor Roll).  They are all “joiners” and on any given day we are running to or from , concerts (band and chorus), Boy Scouts, Drama, Sports, ect….we are a busy, busy family.
 My family...I am blessed
I am blessed with an open-minded family who lets me experiment endlessly when it comes to food. They are used to the odd bangs and crashes emanating from our small galley kitchen when I am in there “creating”.  They are not surprised when I am halfway through cooking dinner and I still don’t have a clue what I am making. They don’t blink an eye at the Tasmanian Devil I turn into in the kitchen…covered in flour, apron askew, hair a mess, pots and pans everywhere.  They may look at me warily when they ask “What’s in this?” and I answer “try it I am sure you like it”, but they try it none the less.  They each went through times when they were fussy eaters…but they have long since given that up. To be fair, because they are such good sports about my oddities, I take no offense when they finish dinner and say “thanks for dinner, but you really don’t have to make that again.” I also try not to celebrate to much when they tell me dinner was delicious…this is due to the fact that I rarely remember what I actually put in it so recreating it exactly may be unrealistic. That is one flaw I am hoping this blog helps me cure…writing down recipes more often!

The extended family:
Over time I am sure you will hear lots of stories about my extended family...for the most part we all live within miles of each other (if not closer) with the exception of my brother and his family, but they are only a little over an hour away. I am talking ALL of my husband's family...parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins...the works, and my parents are only just over the hill...and they all are willing guinea pigs to my forays into cooking. Of which, I am very grateful!!

The Kitchen (where the magic happens):
My kitchen is a teeny tiny, cozy galley style kitchen.  You can literally stand in the center of the kitchen and touch EVERTHING.  It is at times a challenge to cook for six voracious eaters in this little room….but I love it.  It is bright red (my favorite color) with white trim and pretty white curtains.  It is often in disarray, but it gets the job done